ARI-Fob (Adapted Recharger for the Infinity Fob) pre-order form

By special request of our community members, Emma’s Exceptional Equipment Exchange is offering our privately designed and 3D printed ARI-Fob (Adapted Recharger for the Infinity Fob) for only $15. This adapter allows the Infinity feeding pump (with it’s proprietary connection) to be charged using a standard USB-C charger, the same ones used by most current Android phones as well as iPhone15 and many other newer devices. This will allow you to have a charger that can be powered by a car phone charger, can be a smaller more convenient option for traveling, and provide a backup option for times when you might not have the manufacturers bulky power brick but the battery dies unexpectedly.

We recommend at least a 15 watt charger. 20-25 watt chargers are available from Amazon or many local stores. For example, you can search Amazon for the description: “USB C Charger, 25W Super Fast Charger with Type C Charger Fast Charging Cable 6FT Android Phone Charger” and find several options. We are not an affiliate, so make nothing from Amazon referrals.

These are not UL listed. If that is an important consideration to you, we suggest you stick with the manufacturers chargers. 

Also, note that we currently use Paypal as our payment provider. You are not required to have a Paypal account to use it.

What is an ARI-Fob™?

One of the commonly used feeding pumps is the Infinity pump, made by MOOG. This pump is battery powered, and comes with a “brick” charger which must be plugged into a wall outlet. Our adapter (or Fob) is designed to work with standard USB-C chargers, so can be used in vehicles with common vehicle chargers. They can also act as a backup or alternative for the manufacturers charger for places like school, work, or other areas you might have the batteries run out.

How can I get one?

We are asking for a small donation ($15 minimum per ARI-Fob) to Emma’s Exceptional Equipment Exchange using the request form below. This minimum covers the electronics and assembly, with the rest used as a fundraiser to be able to help cover some of our transportation costs. We have volunteers that travel all over Washington state to collect and transfer equipment and supplies, and we also travel for our Compassion Pickup program. This money is used to defray some of the fuel costs of these programs, and all donations are greatly appreciated!

The Fobs are currently available in shades of Purple, Blue, and Teal Shimmer, Titanium (a black and teal combo) and Solid Green. If you have a preference, please note that in the comments as well and we will try to fill what we can. If you really want a specific color, the request may take more time to fill. Also, please note that this is a pre-order form. This means that they are made in small batches and take a considerable amount of time, so it may take a few weeks to fill orders depending on how many other people happen to order at around the same time.

These are available for pickup in person (preferred). However, if you are not near our Headquarters in Federal Way, WA, we can ship them for an additional $4 to cover postage (USPS just raised prices for this type of package to over $4 at the beginning of the year) and packaging. Currently we are only able to ship to US addresses. If you are outside the US, please contact us.

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