What is an ENFit™ Key?

ENFit is the global enteral feeding device connector design that complies with the International Standard (ISO 80369-3). It is used for connecting feeding bags to G-tube extensions for AMT and MIC-KEY feeding systems.
However, these connections can become very tight and hard to unscrew. We designed a 3D printed solution for our sore fingers!
We 3D print these “keys” at our HQ using food-grade PETG printer filament, for strength, safety, and comfort.

How can I get one?

We are giving these away! The only thing we ask is that you consider making a donation to Emma’s Exceptional Equipment Exchange using the request form below. We are using this as a fundraiser to be able to help cover some of our transportation costs. We have volunteers that travel all over Washington state to collect and transfer equipment and supplies, and we also travel for our Compassion Pickup program. This money is used to defray some of the fuel costs of these programs, and all donations are greatly appreciated!

Note that we can include an optional fabric/string strap if desired, or we can include plastic bungie keychains at our cost of $1 each. Both options can be seen in pictures above. If you have color preferences, please let us know in the comments box and we will do our best to match them, but we can not guarantee colors.

The keys are shades of purple, blue, and teal intermixed. If you have a preference between those 3, please note that in the comments as well and we will try to fill what we can. However, we do not control which colors print at which time, as it is a 3 color spool of 3D printer filament, so it does what it does. 🙂

Also, we prefer they be picked up in person. However, we are able to ship up to 5 keys, but please add $4 for postage (USPS rate increase for 2024) and packaging.

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Select Your Enfit Key Request Options:

We currently only support up to 5 keys per request.
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