The Equipment Exchange

What is the “Equipment Exchange”?

Emma’s Exceptional Equipment Exchange is a 501(C)3 Non-Profit that was started to create a community of sharing within the special needs community. Though this program has been going on for a few years now, it recently had a name change in honor of our daughter Emma, who passed away in Jan 2021. Currently this program is based out of our home in Federal Way, Washington but our dream is for this event to become something that happens in every state in honor of our daughter Emma, who was the inspiration behind the whole program.

We offer a location to drop off medical equipment (in usable, safe condition) and supplies no longer needed. We then work to find the next home for these items within the disability community, including items getting sent to an orphanage in Mexico that helps those with disabilities.

Currently, we host two events a year at our headquarters location. At these events, we open up our front yard for families to drop off items they do not need and take items they do need. All items are free, no donation is required before the family can take items. No selling of items received from EEEE is allowed. All are encouraged to consult their doctor/ therapist before using anything received from our program.

We have a Facebook page (link below) – Emma’s Exceptional Equipment Exchange. That is where we share updates, event dates and we list all items that come into the program that are ready for their next home. If you have a loved on that could benefit from this program, please drop by the Facebook Group.

When we all come together and share the resources we have, smiles appear, hope grows and a community is made better!

Some of the items we have or take:

Diapers / Bed pads / Incontinence supplies
Formula / medical based formula
Tube feeding supplies and equipment
Trach supplies / respiratory supplies
Wound care / Ostomy care
Specialty Car seat that are not expired and have not been in an accident
In good usable condition: Wheelchairs, walkers, standers, medical strollers, shower chairs, toileting aids, activity chairs, sensory items, medical beds, and more

If it’s not listed, feel free to ask.

Things we can’t take:

Broken Equipment (ask us if it might be useful for parts)
Prescription Medication
Anything with needles
Formulas that are expired or less than 2 months from expiration

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